Outfits Of Days

I do not believe myself to be a particularly stylish person because my eyes mostly see a lot of internet people who get dressed for a living but then I see some people in real life who have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE and then I think to myself "yeah, I look alright".

1. A watch from ASDA that was a mere five english pounds 

2a. Zodiac sign rings from H&M that are beautiful but do not represent my actual star sign. I am hoping that wearing these will imbibe me with the personality traits of these signs which I lack. Or just compliments and jealousy.

2b. Lilac nail varnish which is sometimes blue from Model's Own which roughly a gazillion people have commented on in about a week

3. I BOUGHT NEW BOOTS OH GOD they're so nice and from New Look. On this day I had literally broken my back and couldn't move so here my best accessory is the stylish wraparound heat pack with magnets under my shirt. Mum took me on a nice trip to the garden centre and I bought some dirt cheap books which made me well hapz

4. Christmas Day! I wore all my peace/non killing based necklaces and wizardy slippers

5. School uniform plus threatening necklace - this is a bad picture but genuinely, I looked 14.

6. This necklace is from H&M, it originally had another giant shell hanging off the little ones but it just looked horrible so I took it off. Now it's like a chavvy mermaid accessory which I think will soon become a genuine tumblr subculture

7. wonky mouth / I have never owned this many necklaces / I bought this tshirt for my brother once and then he went to live in Thailand for a bit so I stole it back

P.S. here's one from summer can you imagine the joy of leaving the house in a tshirt and short shorts and a rucksack?! Incidentally on this day I was on my way to have an evening picnic on top of an extinct volcano but that's neither here nor there:

P.P.S. ....ood


  1. i would totally buy into a 'chavvy mermaid' subculture, no questions asked. x

    1. it's only a matter of time...