Consumerism: A Love Story

orange Kindle case - Amazon // filofax // Benefit They're Real! mini // Gold candle - H&M // notebook for recipes & postcard from Paperchase

spiked bobble and seashell chain necklace - H&M // studded bobble, triangle necklace and arrowhead & crystal pendants - Primark

boots - New Look // sunglasses - H&M // Steam Cream - ASOS // Delayed Gratification - Stack // The World Of Interiors // Apartamento

With great power comes great responsibility. And with a part-time job comes a disproportionate feeling of wealth.

1. Yes I did buy a pair of sunglasses the day after the winter solstice aka LITERALLY the least summery day ever

2. Yes I did buy two EMBELLISHED BOBBLES

3. I spent more money on this tiny mascara than I would usually spend on a normal size mascara. It is only OK. ...I blame YouTube

4. I bought this filofax sometime in November after pining after one for years and seeing them discounted in TKMaxx but then I wrapped it up for myself and put it under the tree. Sad or Cool? I used ribbon and everything.

Basically I bought a lot of shit recently - all good shit but shit nonetheless. Not pictured is things bought as gifts for other people, fake cheese (dairy and soya free), and overpriced blended juice drinks from various outlets.

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