Doin' The Do

A telephone-based record of my recent campaign antics

OUTDOOR RESEARCH aka geocaching and hanging the fuck out

prep for shoot 1 (shit)

weediest weeding out ever

Fake bag - in that it is not a real bag...although I'm pretty sure there's some copyright infringement going on here. 

I don't take pictures of everything ever (unfortunately) so this is not a comprehensive view of my work or life. If you would like to see more things which are less relevant you can follow my instagram @hannahjli

K just off to make a kite, frisbee and a blackberry & apple crumble for shoot number 2 (real life true story)


  1. a kite, frisbee and apple crumble? intriguing! xx

    1. Hey thanks for the follow! :) Today I also bought a pack of 'grow-your-own-parsnips' xx