Get Out! Logo Design

Doing things my own special (long-winded) way:

I don't know if I was just really hungry or what but to me this just looks like angel delight:

Variations on a theme:

Final logo...still with variations because I am not now nor will I ever be capable of making up my bloody mind:
p.s. how much of a weird phrase is 'long-winded'!

I have been battling with the logo for my final campaign for far too long. I ended up with a sun/cloud/compass motif...hopefully this signifies 'easy adventure in the outdoors'?!

In my mind a logo is the most important element of any brand. It has to be perfect, it has to instantly communicate everything whilst having enough layered meaning for it to sustain interest and allow interested people to discover interesting things about it.

The Get Out! logo had to express the outdoors, nature, adventure, and freedom. It had to have the option of working in a single colour, it has to be appropriate for very small use (40mm diameter) to much larger - for external signage.

It had to contain universally familiar elements but be unique and recognisable. The design has to be fairly simple to allow it to be recreated in a variety of medium (including moss paint.....and shadow....)

I ended up not having the name as a part of the logo - only the web address, as the main function/challenge is to drive web traffic. This also makes the logo more versatile when it comes to size/media/application.

If anyone is actually reading this, I would love some objective opinions so feel free to comment, free as a bird.

If you don't know what I'm going on about check the 'get out' tag at the top of the page to see more about my final campaign project :)


  1. I like the left one li li, because it reminds me of a stamp..and not a post stamp, a stamp made out of a wooden block and ink :D and I like that it doesn't have the name as part of the logo.

    p.s this is holly x

  2. Thanks for a step by step guide with screen shoots... Good effort to make this one...

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