What My Life Has Been Recently

Various methods of calming/soothing/trying to get through the next three months

Looking at things I am not going to buy

Putting mucho effort into creating things which I instantly dislike/don't care about

Eating Stuff Which Is Bad But Tastes Amazing

Momentarily accidentally doing VM in a charity shop

Holding things

Socially interacting

Owning the best slippers in the world ever

Watching Cheaters and cyberstalking Joey Greco

Buying beautiful magazines I cannot afford to be buying

Going on adventures on my own

Aimlessly reading books and books and books

Taking pictures of my flatmate pretending to be asleep in various places

"guess which one is mine"

Becoming a hippie

Living with lovely flatmates who buy me lovely things

Having the best BFF ever

Explaining my old email address

Making suggestions via image

Making food/eating food

Accepting the fact that I am a loser

Seeing raunchy pictures of Cliff Richard that look like a boy off tumblr (HA)

Being jealous of my friend's life


Spending a LONG time trying to take a picture of this hamster

Buying running things AND ACTUALLY GOING RUNNING

Judging others

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