2011 In Pix

Being on trains a lot, falling in love with cacti, Australia and things in jars, colour, Dramatic apocalyptic headlines, sushi, food in general, nails?!, being official hairdresser of everyone I know, GETTING TWITTER, post-it notes, infographics, whatsapp, baby monkey/penguin with a funky shoe, platform 9 and 3/4, Notting Hill carnival, not having a fringe, Brighton, appreciating the countryside and general outdoors, MORE WORK THAN EVER BEFORE, seeing the benefits of my inquisitive/nerdish/love-to-learn/intellectually-hoarding-everything nature, acupuncture, and never quite managing to take a picture of the sunset which does it justice.

"Why am I so alone?"


things from almost a year ago which are now inspiring me

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