Things Which, If I Had Them, My Life Would Be A Better Place

1. Leather Trousers: So that when I go out to pardy I can just wear a normal tshirt whilst still being DEAD EDGY AND COOL

2. Gym Class Magazine: For the interview with the Elle (Collections) art desk.

3. A hairdryer? So I can blowdry and have perfect hair like Millie Mackintosh 24/7

4. Bernard's Watch: always.


5. A hot water bottle: currently using my laptop instead. It gets so hot that it's quite effective but not really practical long-term I don't think

6. Some dark lipstain (and also a face like this)

7. Some fucking foooood

8. These

9. These too. Oh and I will need a skateboard as well. A bike also.

10. My own home. Any kind of home, just one where I can live on my own and make 'random' food whenever I want and have my friends over all the time and then clean on my own after theyve left and watch films all the time and watch the news every day and have radio 2 blasting out and not one day discover that our flatmate's bathroom and bedroom is so black with mould because he refuses to use the fan and there are mushrooms growing in the shower tray. Now I love mushrooms, but SRSLY.

8. To start answering my phone by just saying 'swag'. Like, not even as a question; just swag.


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