Sell Out; With Me Oh Yeah

I really hate all these blogs where girls do 'outfit' posts. And when I say 'hate' I actually mean 'am jealous because I wear really boring clothes all the time'. But today I had an interesting day wearing interesting clothes...and nobody looks at this blog apart from me anyway so it doesn't matter I suppose.

you know just wearing a vintage Daks mens jacket that me & my mum altered to fit me and a top from an army surplus shop layered over a sleeveless denim shirt with DIY'd pearl collar tips

Here is my awful shiny skirt from Primark with little brass beads on which everyone has said that they liked lots. My hips are quite hippy though so it sticks out and is only just the right side of being a tutu.

This morning I had acupuncture and cupping! I had lunch at Wagamama with my friend and we weirded out the people sitting next to us (that is three separate parties) with our conversation about People We Know Who Are Well Psycho - the definition of psycho including but not limited to: cheating on a girlfriend with a married woman and then lying about the stains on your bed; feigning miscarriage and/or possibly pregnancy at a later date; having threesomes on the reg; hating your boyfriend's baby niece - because you want a baby. 

Then we went shopping for craft items and THEN I bought a rucksack. 

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