The Future Laboratory Sweet Shoppe

I love The Future Laboratory. The whole trend industry seems so stupid and pretentious -  unless you understand it properly; then it's the best thing in the world and is so interesting and intelligent and makes so much sense.

These pictures don't really show anything to do with the retail experience which was the whole point of the Sweet Shoppe but they're nice, plus I'm a bit obsessed with QR codes at the moment

For our recent collaboration with the bookshop we were talking to the owner, about the personal service he offers, keeping in contact with his clients and remembering what kinds of books they are interested in so that he could recommend stuff to them in the future. This experiment was about taking that one step further - for example, researching the customers online before they came into the shop, so you could strike up a personalised conversation with them. Basically Facebook stalking on a professional level, many people's dream job I'm sure.** 

There's a fine line though between lovely/personalised and just plain creepy. Fair enough, the stuff people post online is public and so anybody could read it and then ask them about it in real life...but in a shop? That's creepy right?

Obviously even if this kindof thing was implemented in stores in the future it could never be 'the norm' - a very bespoke service which would always be novelty/treat/Excuse for a day out. Still creepy though.

I nicked the write-up from It's Nice That, images are from The Future Laboratory. Disney Roller Girl's account made the whole thing sound like a slightly off-kilter Alice in Wonderland type experience with pills and 'insights' and pupil dilation.

**my dream job

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