Australians I Have Somehow Accidentally Stalked

Emma Mulholland

Rachel Rutt

Rachel Rutt for Oyster Magazine - Double Aussie Whammy

Byron Spencer

Alexandra Spencer

When I was Trend Researching at The Trend Boutique one of the collections we wanted to feature was by Emma Mulholland, the model in her lookbook is Rachel Rutt who is beautiful and well Australian. But I couldn't find a contact for her so I emailed the photographer who is Byron Spencer, also beautiful, also Australian. And I started reading his blog, plus he actually said the phrase 'no worries' to me and I fell a bit in love with him but then I realised he's gay and was a bit sad. And THEN his sister is Alexandra Spencer who is 4thandBleeker. Again, beautiful/Australian. And then some time later I found this other blog StreetCornerGirl... and SHE is friends with Alexandra Spencer. 

Basically I have accidentally become this weird stalker of a group of cool friends halfway across the world. All of this is supplemented by my yearning for RUSSH and Oyster magazines and let's not forget those other Australian girl bloggers who are already cooler than I can ever hope to be. I just wanna be Australian IS THAT TOO MUCH TOO ASK?!

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