25 Dressing Up Ideas - For Halloween Probably

1. An iPod

2. Someone getting a bowl haircut.

3.Napolean Dynamite. You will also be required to know the dance moves and possibly some parts of a 'Happy Hands' routine

4. Alexa Chung. Looking like Alexa Chung will, by definition, increase your chances of getting a boyfriend who looks like Alex Turner (and then splitting up with him).

5. Rico the Zombie

6. Creepy-yet-stylish Marc Jacobs goth girls

7. Fancy Pants

8. Hipster Cop

9. Boo

10. The Madonna

11. Ash & Pikachu (if you are taking a horse to the halloween party)

12. Frida Kahlo

13. Andre Leon Talley - or anyone else who is fabulous enough to have 'editor-at-large' as their job title
(see also: Patsy from AbFab)

14. A fashion blogger. Genuine Litas only

15. Lisa Simpson. Wear an orange dress, pearls, and be intelligent

16. The Beatles as they appeared on the cover of Abbey Road

17. Alan. Accessories: a plastic bag, a 'satchel' (like Indiana Jones), drugs, nice tight t-shirt

18. Michael Jordan. This look takes some dedication as it requires maintaining this exact silhouette all night.

19. The cover of your favourite book

20. The Pixar lamp

21. Lion face paint + this cut out and worn as a headband

22. Bill Cunningham

23. I'm not sure exactly how you would dress up as Stephen Fry but it is advisable to at least try

24. Yoda. Works best if you are a dog or a very small person

25. Fluffy

I have loads of work to do that is not this

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