Things that came in the post

1. The Universe Of Keith Haring - I haven't watched it yet but I just know it's going to be very

2. Heathers - I thought I knew what to expect from this film but I didn't; it is fucking awesome (also introduced me to the word 'very' as an adjective)

3. Ways Of Seeing - Since I consider this book to be The Holy Gospel Of Everything I thought it was about time I bought my own copy. I've already gotten my underlining/highlighting/post-it page marking mitts all over it 

4. Helvetica - Technically this did not come in the post although it was hand-delivered by my friend. It's well good I need to screen schot and write down some quotes from it ha. Apart from causing me to now being on constant Helvetica-watch this film has made me realise how much I love old graphic designers and old typography designers and 90's rebel graphic designers and miscellaneous european accents.

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