I finally signed up to Stack, and since then have spent my time mostly doing whatever is the opposite of regretting this decision. I received the June and July editions pretty close together so I've been fully saturated with reading material. Here is what they is:

Patterns Of Creative Aggression: Australian (<3) magazine which profiles artists and documents the processes of them creating their stuff, in words and pictures. It's something which is much needed, in a time when art is simply plonked in front of people and most usually just automatically dismiss it as pretentious rubbish, I think if they were told more about how and why it was made, these people might actually enjoy their lives and stop feeling the need to read the Daily Mail. Everything in the magazine is either black-and-white or purple-and-white, it's lovely.

Letters To The Doctor: Just a load of random thoughts and pictures found on the internet. Gives me hope for the success of any zine which I may(hopefully) in the near future produce....in the nicest possible way. I don't like the font on the front though.

Shellsuit Zombie: More of a standard creative-graduate-hipster kind of zine, but it's still good. A nice mix of articles about generally being a graduate/professional intern, interviews with interesting people who are famous and/or have cool jobs, and 'deliberately inexplicable' stuff such as an ode to Natalie Portman's Face and a notes on a superbreed of London Pigeon.

Boat Magazine (Sarajevo): From what I can tell the people at BOAT have the best lives imaginable ie. they work in a design studio, it's called Boat, and they make a magazine on the side. For this issue they decided to go to Sarajevo and publish whatever they found there. The results are slightly sombre, as can only be expected from a place with a 'war-torn' history, but there are also the glimmers of hope and strength and loveliness which also goes hand-in-hand with a troubled past, such as a woman whose cookbook helped to unite opposing peoples, and tear-jerking images of the possessions people took with them when they fled to Paris. There's also lots of really nice documentary photography and excellent art direction, fitting with the Boat team's day job.

I'm almost actually pissing my pants with excitement for next month's delivery. 

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