Some say it's a blessing/some say it's a curse

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I have been so inexplicably busy this past week, and there are lots of things I wanna post on here before I forget them. Instead I just keep making lots of lists of more & more things to make & do over the summer..the list grows by about 4 things every day. 

However I have been busy with good things such as an exhibition at Nottingham Castle and nice day out, sunshine, reading my nan's autograph book from 1947 which included some very unsubtle, eye-wincing racist limericks, a workshop about freelancing, where I took so many notes that my hand hurt, making a start on my summer brief from uni and constantly thinking of MORE and MORE things to add to my 'things to research/try out for uni brief' list. Also I am determined to be reading again, my 'things to read' list involves two month's worth of amazing magazines from Stack and a small pile of MASSIVE historical novels borrowed from my nan. 

Today I bought a Mac, once I get Photoshop & InDesign on it I am giving myself a deadline of one week in which to finish my portfolio because it's been lingering on the list for far too long and pretty soon I'm going to start hating it. 

Tomorrow Kayleigh is coming to watch Harry Potter, I have to make a risotto and then go and see a Queen tribute band. Oh.

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