Things I Know Now: 23/3/11

The reign of the commercial, glossy, fashion magazine is over. Turns out, the internet is far better suited to selling stuff - when a product is talked about on blogs as soon as the press images are released, nobody cares when they see it in a magazine 6 months later. At least not to go out and buy it - but people still enjoy print publications, to have/hold/smell. This transfer of commercial publishing to the web means that print magazines can focus on the content, aesthetic and 'mission(?)', as well as freeing up pages for genuinely interesting content, niche subjects, more in-depth articles and 20-page editorials. Magazines are becoming books; which is nothing but good news.

Print also serves a purpose in this internet age. Blogs and websites are constantly updating - talking about the latest things because they are the latest things (and because they need to post everyday in order to stay on the first page of Google). Producing an issue of a magazine takes time & effort, and the very nature of that fact means that the editing process acts as a kind of crap filter - the content is not instant but it is considered, the opinions are sure. Of all the ideas & images we are bombarded with on a daily basis, only the best of the best will make it to print.

In the digital age, printed magazines are unnecessary - this is what allows them to be beautiful.

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