Don't Make Me Get Old School

Picked up these promotional-things-that-look-like-varying-degrees-of-old today around Nottingham. 

Using a picture of a criminal to promote your clubnight is fine if the crimes were long enough ago for the mugshot to be sepia.

Snaps for not forgetting the back of the Polaroids. 

I will try and make it to this zine fair although I usually try and avoid places with a high concentration of hipsters in case I get mistaken for one.

We went into the new White Stuff store; VM wet dream. There is a carousel, phone box complete with (non-smutty) postcards, plenty of plastic dogs wearing accessories, a ridiculously nice staircase, a sweet shop, a cinema, and changing rooms which make a street. Seriously. The kind of shop with enough furniture that you could quite happily move straight into and live forever. Mary Portas can sleep soundly in her bed tonight!

Oh yeah they also sell some clothes which are quite nice

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