Spring/Summer issue of Topshop's magazine. It looks GOOOD!

 I just love love love the page borders made up of images. In the words of Hansel, 'It's so simple!', yet I actually can't think of seeing it anywhere before. Maybe I am just blind. 

First it looks awesome on some trend pages; the colours in the images help to evoke the mood for the trend, it shows off LOADS of campaign images without taking up extra pages, and it contrast magnificently with the white - making the main body of content seem even more sharp, crisp, and minimal.

It also works on other pages without the border linking to the text - I especially like where it's used to highlight the quotes.

This spread reveals that rather than a border of images, it's actually a white box plonked in front of a background. They could have easily just had this photograph covering one page but the way it's been done here just looks about a zillion times better.


A rotated spread stops the reader in their tracks as they are flipping through. The black & white printed on coloured paper gives the look of a zine - or maybe Topshop was going for a  Financial Times kinda feel? I guess we'll never know for sure.

For future reference - How to repeat an image in order to fill up the page without it looking like you've just repeated an image in order to fill up the page:

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