We were asked why we want to do Fashion photography..like, what is the point in it?

For me I guess it is because I like photographs and I like imagery and fashion images are kind of the most relevant...to culture and society and to THE YOOF.


The zeitgeist at the moment is all about celebrity...ALL about famous people. Sometimes people are famous for a reason...some people become well-known just because they are cool. And sometimes people go on MTV and then milk their notoriety for all it's worth (which to be fair, is probably what I would do).

The only beef I have with this is not the Fame itself but all the people who read Star magazine as if it matters. They must be at least half stupid, sorry.

So I suppose the thing I am most interested in is personal style and individuality. Some people look good no matter what they wear and no matter who knows their name. I would like to do some shoots with people who aren't typical models and are not wearing anything from Miss Selfridge. Just to show people that THERE IS MORE, goddammit.

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