Gili T / Bali / September-October 2016

I wrote 15,000 words about inclusivity, diversity, representation, subconscious reinforcement of existing hierarchies and power relations and how all of these are barriers to social revolution and change and success. Then I went to an island and read 5 books (fiction) and wrote poems and met a sea turtle


Christmas Day 2015

Koh Phangan, Thailand - October 2015

I think I was quite restrained with the palm tree pictures actually

Tom said that the Universe always seems to help Sammy out; put things in her path to help her along and make sure she's okay. And then he said he thinks maybe that's all he is too and now I know what love means.


Delayed Gratification

A long time ago in a lifetime far far away we had a lovely time in London inc. Notting Hill Carnival, and then went to Brighton. I took photographs on some black and white Ilford 35mm using a camera I got from a charity shop because that's just the kind of shit I used to do.

(please note i was taking photos of cacti before it was cool)