Stripes! Scarf! Rucksack! Cut-out ankle boots!

Livin' the dream en route to Manchester


Because it's winter

Because it's winter but who needs proper trousers? Who needs enclosed shoes?*

*i am wearing those little half sock things. Socklings. I'm not completely psychotic


I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness


Sunday I got up, did a cake, made bacon sandwiches, went out into the wilderness which is so close to my house that it makes me giddy and amazed every time I go back around the wide blank paths which are so familiar to me. But there is always a different way to turn and a new sunset to see. Every time I catch the sun blinking through trees or glowing onto reeds I want to take a photo. But then all my photos look the same and they still are only a memento of the sights forever stored in my MIND PALACE and the happiness which is saved for a rainy day (literally)


Also here is maybe a portal into another dimension? Like I'm not being funny but:


Don't Turn Around

Because the rest of the room is still a tip. (I have a real camera but where's the fun in that; right?)

Weekend Warrior

I'm having a fettle I am. Wondering where are the rest of my magazines... I know full well that this is only about 3 foot worth



Help - Need Anklets Like Now


Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment she just sold and never lived in? Who watered the plants?


New Coat Is New

Blonde coat makes me look blonder